Does the 2011 Impala Live up to its Name?

When you think of powerful Chevy vehicles that are also comfortable to drive, the Impala is one that comes to mind. The 2011 model is available in three different options. It is certainly going to be a great vehicle that does well to uphold the expectations that the name Impala brings with it. Consumers aren’t going to be disappointed in the least by what they see offered.

All three of the models look great. They are also fuel efficient and that is a huge selling point with consumers right now. Once of the significant differences is that there are two different engines offered in the 2011 Impala. The 3.9 liter is the larger one and that is the one that the critics are leaning towards. Only one of the models for the 2011 Impala offers this particular engine. The other two offer the 3.5 liter engine.

Early reviews show that the vehicle is comfortable but that it doesn’t handle as well around curves as some of the competitors. This doesn’t mean the 2011 Impala isn’t a good car, though. You have to keep in mind that Chevy has some very stiff competition coming up. There are also critics that feel a great deal more could have been done in terms of overall upgrades for this new model. Ultimately, though, the consumer will have the final decision about how well it does.

The 2011 Impala definitely lives up to its name. If you are thinking about getting a new vehicle, this is one you want to check out. The beauty of this vehicle is sure to draw you in and turn heads. However, once you get behind the wheel and test drive it, you will want to take the 2011 Impala home. The only tough part will be deciding which of those three models you wish to call your own.

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The Muscle Car That Outlasted its Peers

The Chevy Impala is a magnificent car, and one that has outlasted so many of its peers. Who would have thought that when the 1958 Impala Bel Air came out, it would still be one of the top selling vehicles in 2011? While the design of the vehicle has certainly changed a great deal, the name says it is one that can be trusted to offer top levels of performance.

By 1960, the four-door design of the Chevy Impala allowed for more room, even though the Impala was very well known then as a sports car icon. By 1962, the super trim packages were out to offer more chrome and other accessories that really enhanced the beauty of the vehicle.

In its first year of production, the 1958 Chevy Impala quickly became the top-selling Chevy vehicle. It remained in that #1 spot until the year 1966 when it was passed by the Chevy Caprice. While the Impala was still a great seller, it remained in the shadow of the Caprice through 1976.

The entire concept of the Chevy Impala shifted in 1994 when GM introduced the muscle car design with the SS model. Many of the early models offered a convertible that was sporty. However, this model was one that also offered more power and some competition with various sports cars of the time, including the Chevy Corvette and Camaro.

The Chevy Impala is one of the best-known vehicles out there, and is certainly one of the best in terms of overall quality. Today it is more of a family sedan than the speed racer it was long ago. The Impala offers comfort, style, speed, and a nice design that is really sharp. It is also a very reasonably priced vehicle, so all of those perks make it very hard for consumers to pass it over for another type of vehicle.

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5 Tips on Buying a Classic Impala

The era of the muscle car produced many classic vehicles that have become the stuff of legend. The classic Impala stands out as one of the great muscle cars from this era. For that reason, the classic Impala has become a much sought-after prize for muscle car collectors in every market. It is a favorite for those who love to do restoration on classic muscle cars because the parts for the classic Impala are easy to come by.

It takes a good game plan to find a great classic Impala to add to your collection. Setting the bar high and being patient and persistent in your search is a must if you are going to end up with your dream car in your garage. Here are a few ideas on finding the classic Impala of your dreams:

·        Narrow down the requirements for your classic Impala dream car, starting with the model year. The classic Impala years of production were from 1959 on into the 1970s. It was during these years that the car made its mark in the muscle car culture of that era. Start out by narrowing down which production year for the classic Impala interests you. That will help you out when you hit the markets for restored and vintage muscle cars.

·        Now hit cyberspace. The Internet is a good stop in shopping for your classic Impala even if you do not buy online. That is because online classic muscle car merchants do a great job of showing photos of the different model years and styles of classic Impalas that were created during those years. They also give plenty of detailed background information about each type of classic Impala that can help you narrow down the accessories and add-ons you want to be part of the dream car you buy.

·        Don’t overlook the networking opportunities of classic muscle car shows or rallies in your area. These gatherings will be where other collectors come to meet and you can often find people who share your passion for classic Impalas. While the show may be there to display a wide variety of classic or vintage cars, there will be vendors who supply parts for classic Impalas who can guide you to sellers who have restored Impalas to sell and who are ready to negotiate.

·        There are lots of local resources for finding classic Impalas for sale. You should broaden your search beyond publications or gatherings that focus only on muscle car collectors. Your local newspaper will often have classified ads for classic Impalas for sale. The Impala was in production for a long time and it was very popular, so there is a strong market for them out there. Also keep your eyes open as you drive around your neighborhood. It is not uncommon to see a “for sale” sign in the window of a classic Impala. That is a good way to get a great bargain “fixer upper” to restore.

·        Keep in mind that part of the costs of buying a classic Impala may be transportation. If you buy a classic car locally but it needs to be towed for you to accept ownership, that could run up an expense. If you buy online and the classic Impala comes to you from far away, the costs of delivery could push up the purchase price considerably.

The places you can look for a classic Impala are diverse. You can use online blogs or classic car fan clubs to find sellers. You may know friends who know people who may have a car for sale or you can post a notice on a bulletin board at the local auto parts store that you are interested in talking to anyone who has a classic Impala for sale. Use your imagination and open a lot of avenues of shopping for the car of your dreams. If you do that, you will find the perfect classic Impala for your collection and it will be one of those great collector muscle cars that you will treasure for years.

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